Saturday, April 20, 2013


Many latest Smartphone around us at this time. From the cheapest, cheaper, expensive, until most expensive. Talking about worth, you must account your money to take suitable price of smart phone you desire. And iPhone 5 Gold and Diamond Edition is not expensive I guess.

Let’s imagine you have much money. Buy iPhone 5 Gold and Diamond Edition is advisable for you. Why is it? With $15.3 millions, you could hold it as your own. Ups! Did I say not expensive? Remember, we still imagine. iPhone 5 Gold and Diamond Edition is good way to investing your money on techno product. The Stuart Hughes, The British luxury design has created for you. It is cheap, only with £10 million ($15.3 million), iPhone 5 Gold and Diamond Edition will be yours. Did I joke? No I did not. The price is still cheaper than £11 million, isn’t it? Until now, no Smartphone is higher price than iPhone 5 Gold and Diamond Edition. iPhone 5 is coated by solid gold and features black and white diamonds. The gold and diamonds make the price reach $15.3 million

Hughes is a known name in coming up with highly priced techno products. The result of the products is the luxury techno. So, you do not need to doubt to your desire to invest, always highly recommended.

Hughes make a list on his website that he created a solid gold iPhone 5 with gold and diamonds as a request a Chinese businessman. The black diamond has rare 26 carat. As a demanding from Chinese businessman who own rare 26 carat black diamond wanted to including on iPhone 5, another solid gold.

As a list of Hughes which posted the details, this iPhone 5 includes an inlay of 600 white diamonds, which are located at the Apple logo on the back and on the edges. The single deep-cut black diamond is made for the Home button. The weight of this black diamond 26 carat and the price is 14.5 million.

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