Sunday, April 28, 2013


The different Blackberry Q10 than others is the first smartphone with keyboard physically. As like Samsung tablet which has have keyboard physically on full HD screen. But how with the performance? Don’t worry, as we know, with keyboard physically could less the usage of the power and faster response. It is suitable for the user who types fast on keyboard. Especially on the long email, and this is the ability of Blackberry.
the problem rises when categorize this handset. A smartphone or a phone. Between that flagship, this is not includes. It is a businessphone.

Inside, RIM gives the internal storage 16GB adds microSD card slot up to 32GB, let’s us expand the memory larger. There is also NFC and an out-port microHDMI.

BB Q10 has display 3.1-inch SuperAMOLED which is very impressive. We could be able to tweek the display with blacks using up far less battery by turning off the pixels. And a 35-key QWERTY on keyboard which is larger in surface area than the previous generation, BlackBerry Bold 9900. This gadget weight is at 139g, it feels lighter.

Different than the previous series,
along the casing of BB Q10 is a metal chassis accompanied with a carbon-fiber style back.

But I think there is a wrong decision because the battery cover slides down to come off. It makes at the first day we use. So if we pulled it out of leather case at the first day using, the back would come off every time. Luckily, it is still generally something.

On the keyboard, BB Q10 has shortcuts which let us simply using. As like at the homescreen, if you want to tweet, just type ‘tweet’.

it works for Facebook, search the web, send emails. It is a good way to utilize the keyboard and offers quicker alternative to simply going for each app.

BlackBerry got WhatsApp to make an appearance then makes Instagram, Vine and IMDB working just as well.

The camera is still same with predecessor, 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. Both of them do their jobs goodly with the rear camera performing well under sunlight giving the results clear and bright.

The extra features arrives with BB 10.1 is the function of HDR. By taking more than one image and blending them together BlackBerry, solves the problem of low-light images.

A feature works better than previous is Time Shift which lets us to take a picture and then effectively go back in time on a face if that person who take, his/her/their eyes closed. It could has a gimmick but with the Z10, it works well much as possible.

They makes The keys are largest than ever been and the inclusion of large metal frets. It means we should not worry of accidentally to hit the wrong key. Each key giving a satisfying click along them feel sturdy as well.

We were able to use it almost 12 hours without having to charge and almost 8-10 hours usage regularly.

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