Saturday, May 11, 2013


 The gadget with the 7 inches display and could make phone calls you never imagine it, now become reality. A smartphone or maybe a phablet, makes working become easier than ever. However, it could become best new comer in whole level.

Sometimes we have to make difficult decision to own the gadget. If you could imagine how does the situation when we are making a phone call by the smartphone with 7 inches. If I could admit, don’t imagine it, but just try it. Maybe you need more time to adapt it, but I believe when you often to see the other people use it, it becomes so much fun to use it. It’s only about the time. As long as the time walks, it will make the changes.

The smart gadget I am talking about is FonePad from Asus. It is a good smartphone which has a sharp display, comfortable and build in durability. Even though, it is not smartphone with high end technology as like Samsung Galaxy Tab or the latest Nexus, but just believe it, the performs will not much different with others.

The face of this gadget is black, but at the back the color is vary. The whole which sharp is along the length is the whole of the microphone. It is placed on middle top of the face above the screen. At the right-hand lies a camera for video call. On its face, this smartphone has no button physically. It is replaced by 4 capacitive buttons. The logo of Asus sits at under.

The back cover made from aluminum which makes it durable, long lasting usage. At the top middle of the back, a camera 3 Mp is ready for you. Under the camera is the logo Asus. At the middle below is the logo Intel inside. At the of the down edge of the body, many whole as the microphone whole. It is different than common smartphone, the sharp is not along the length. There are pure circles with the small diameter which arranges rectangular.

The power button and the volume rocker are placed along the left-hand of edge of the body. The power button is above the volume rocker button. You could open the cover above the camera to put in the microSD and microSIM. This the hiding compartment as like a secret place. And then Headphone jack and microUSB port are placed at the bottom of the body.

The operating system of FonePad is Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, supported by CPU which uses processor Intel Atom Z2460. The display is IPS with a 1,280x800 pixels with GPU single-core PowerVR SGX 540. They give wider viewing angles and make text sharper. This smartphone or phablet anyway, uses bands GSM 850/900/1800/1900 3.5G HSPA.

The weight of the smartphone which is named FonePad by Asus has weight 317.5 grams, width 119.58 mm, and height 317.5 mm. It is not surprise if you use it to make phone call, almost 70% of your face is covered by it. So, you could hide your smile or laughing from others sight.
Although, in this era is not strange when the people smile or laughing along the gadget next to their face. The situation will different if smile or laughing alone without anything, wont’ it?
This smartphone is supported the power from Non Removable battery Li-Ion 4270 mAh which gives the talk time up to 9 hours.  It is enough to make for our ear red in color, and so tired to.
All above is good news for us, the bad news is Asus FonePad releases in UK only. Asus FonePad still has no planning to release in US. But, everything could be happen and other way is always open, isn’t it?

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