Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Rising Star: Motorola Razr HD

In this era, so many gadgets we could choose. They bargain many features and latest technology to us. We must select what gadget is suitable for us. Sometimes we are staying in difficult situation, choose the phone with high end but expensive. In other situation we want the cheap phone but the ability is not good as we need.

The answer is let the money choose. That is the wisest answer I guess. We could not enforce our desire to own what we could not own. In this case we have did it with hard try, but the result none. Absolutely we have the chance than the seller. We are the one who have the money, so 100% we could choose what we could. That is fact, isn’t it?

By the way, the gadget which is I want discuss is Motorola. This brand rather seldom mentioned by the people. But it is still exist. Motorola ever made a smartphone. But when it launched, the market was not surprise. So, the purchase was fail.

Truly, until today Motorola has a rely smartphone. It launched last year in the US. It calls Droid Razr HD. But this gadget has name as known as Razr HD in other place. Motorola ever introduced this smartphone at MWC 2013, but other big flagship like LG, Sony, HTC and Samsung more famous and familiar around the ear. So, the chance for Razr HD runs out to penetrate the market share. I think it is an impress smartphone, of course with the all goodness. The matter is only about publication.
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The sharp of the body is almost rectangular; with the round at the corners give this smartphone more attractive. With 131.9 mm at the length, 67.9 mm at the width, 8.4 mm at the thickness, and 146g at the weight is the common dimension. Not too big or too weight.

The face of this smartphone adorned by text of Motorola in italic which is placed the top. Under the logo, the hole of microphone which has sharp is along the length. At the right-hand side, there is a secondary camera. Almost unvisible in black color of the face.  This smartphone doesn’t have home button. As the replacement, the home icon is placed on the screen between two icons.

At the back of the body, the cover patterned by arrows with the color more light than main color. In other hand, the main camera is placed at the center above with the flash lamp at left-hand side. At the right-hand side of the main camera there are holes of the microphone which sharp is along the length. At the center of the body, there are a truly logo of Motorola.

There are 2 buttons at right-side side of the body, are volume button and power button. At the left-hand side of the body, there are HDMI micro ports, USB, microSD slot, and simCard slot for LTE. At the top of the body, Motorola is placed a jack of 3.5mm headphones.

The display of this gadget which protects with Corning Gorilla Glass has big size. With 4.7 inches display with Super AMOLED capacitive touchsreen, it is fair for the touch screen gadget which was made as well by Motorola to fulfill the demand of the smartphone user. According resolution the display comes to 720 x 1280 pixels with the pixel density is 312ppi, the display so bright and more vision angle.

This gadget uses Dual Core 1.5 Ghz and RAM 1Gb which help this smartphone processes every responses which we gives. It looks when the game is playing. We could run the high end game and the speed supports easily. Moreover, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean makes this smartphone could adapt with higher version. The common secret is Motorola has a bad reputation updating its device. But Motorola has the try to make it better, I guess. Cause the suggestion from the market is the best way to make purchasing successes.

This gadget has two cameras, as the common smartphone. The main camera which is placed at the back has resolution 3264x2448 pixels with 8Mp. The features of it is Auto-focus, LED Flash, Touch Focus, Geo Tagging, 8x Digital Zoom and Face Detection. It is good news for the people loves photograph anywhere. The secondary camera is placed at the face which has 1.3Mp.

How with the storage? Don’t worry, Motorola gives you good choose. With the capacity 16Gb and 12Gb for the user is fair. It is you want; you could use microSD to expand the external memory up to 32Gb to satisfy our desire to store the best thing.

This smartphone has the non removable power source which is Li-Po 2530 mAh. It could supply our talking time up to 16 hours at 2G and up to 22 hours at 3G
In other hands, the others feature are ready to use from this smartphone. there are Google Search, Maps, Talk, Places, You Tube, and other good features which prepares for us.

Interesting? Just prepare $610 you could own this smartphone to become your smartgadget. I think it is easy way and not expensive, doesn’t it?

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