Tuesday, May 7, 2013


New Genre of gadget has come to give us the better choose, to adapt our demand in need. I think the sound is good. With much kind of job and something follow it, it is good news. It could help us to lighten it and do much better. Most gadgets have good software, sturdy hardware and sophisticated features. But commonly, the owners often use average 80% of the features, because often of us don’t know how to use, or maybe don’t want use them. Or maybe not supports with the duty.

By the way, the brand from South Korea tries to fulfill the demand of gadget by the produced phablet. This gadget is smaller than tablet, but bigger than smartphone. The dimension stays in the middle, not bigger and not smaller.

Samsung has put Android 2.0 Ginger Bread in phablet as the operating system before when other gadget used Android 4.0. It produced the skeptically in buyer mine. As we know, Android gives the name as a table manner. It works to make us always remember Android, more over when we order it at the hotel. At the lately phablet, Samsung increases the OS at Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Although for the other gadget this is not relevant anymore. It means Android is a original OS for the phablet, doesn’t it?

At the first launching, we thought if this gadget unusual. And no guess anything in selling but skeptic. Does somebody buy it? I’m sure if it is different than the Samsung’s opinion to launch it. Certainly Samsung has considered create this phablet. The company has been bet.

With the tool is named by Samsung S-Pen as the standard tool for this gadget, it is not interesting I guess. It is a troublesome. We could use fingers pointy to operates the gadget, don’t need other tool. The next trouble comes when the pen lost. The hole of the place of the tool at the body will open, and make sense not good anymore.

Now, we see, the phablet be come phenomenon and still the only one I guess. Moreover, Samsung increase the series of the OS Android 2.0 Ginger Bread to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, sweeter thing than Ice Cream Sandwich I guess. You could own the phenomenon gadget with smart OS in side. The choosing is you have chosen more complete.

As you read before, this gadget is different dimension somewhere. It is bigger than smartphone and littler than tablet. We could see at the width 82.95mm, length 146.85mm and the thickness 9.65 mm. With the weight 178 g, I think it is fair, wider, longer and thicker than the other Galaxy Family in line. It is become the one of considering to own this gadget. And if you see Samsung Galaxy Note, you will think it is like the next version of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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The face of Samsung Galaxy Note is minimalist. There is only three part is visible. The top place is a microphone, the under is logo of Samsung which sharp is a writing of the Samsung with unusual A and the lowest is home screen button which could see by the eyes. If you still have the first time to see Samsung Galaxy Note, you never guess if that is a button home screen.

You could see other great smartphone from Samsung at this.

The invisible parts on the face of the Samsung Galaxy Note, more over in the black color are the camera 2Mp and the light sensor. At the left-hand side when you hold is only a volume button, and there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top of the body. At the right side, there is a power button.

 At the rear, there is a camera 8Mp which is located at the centre of the body and LED flash which is located at the right-hand side of the camera. The camera is protected by glass which covers the lens to prevent the scratch when this gadget take out and take in the container. It also prevents the harder scratch when we place it on the table and others surface. This working (protecting by the glass by covered the lens) is the special from Samsung.

Or maybe you need other one from Samsung.

Still about Samsung Galaxy Note. At the lower, the Samsung logo as same as at the face is there. The place is about a quarter from the middle of the body. At the lower of the logo, there is a microphone device with two holes along the length. And the lowest or the bottom, there are the place for docking the S-Pen. It is the thing you have read at above of this article. But the good sound is Samsung make it fancy stylus, so looks to be exited.

The great one from this gadget which gives Samsung is the screen. Samsung Galaxy Note has 5.3 inches of WXGA (1280x800). Samsung also gives 285ppi to us, makes vibrant and sharp. The fact is Samsung has been increase the screen ability, again and again make better than previous. Samsung is the expert in this part. Two thumbs for this.

 Samsung also place the good things in side under the hood. When you check it, you will find a processor Dual Core 1.4 Ghz with internal storage 16 Gb or 32 Gb. You could also expand the memory up to 32 Gb with external memory.

 At this end of discuss, it is about the battery. With the large of the display is 5.3 inches fairer if the power box increase to upper ability than other Samsung Galaxy Family. But the hope goes down and rise the disappointing. The battery is only 2.500mAh. If I could say, t is poor thing. As long as the light doesn’t run out, the worrying will go out of mind. Now, the decision is yours. If I could advise, ask to your need with considering your duty and daily usage.

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